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Standards-Based Gradebook

GradeMaster puts accurate, up-to-date information about standards based performance, classroom work habits and attendance all in one place. We believe that educators deserve modern, innovative tools that analyze student growth and help them motivate their students. GradeMaster is easy, fast and reliable to use.  

What is Standards-Based Grading?

Unlike a traditional gradebook where total points equals a student's grade a standards-based gradebook is designed to hone in on a specific learning goal or what we call “learning standard”. This is a different way of looking at teaching and learning as educators and students can focus on what student's have Mastered as opposed to averages or points from inflated grades. Teachers can see where their students stand at all times, therefore they can help students who might be struggling in certain areas.

Visually Appealing and Easily Accessible

GradeMaster is easy to use and will make sense to any educator who has used an online gradebook before. Educators can quickly navigate from screen-to-screen and student-to-student to get the most out of the data. Moreover, GradeMaster can be used and accessed on any device with Internet access.

Informative Reporting

With GradeMaster you can generate a report card in as little as a few easy steps. Need to add your own Standards or comments? Easily upload your comments and Standards into GradeMaster. Additionally, teachers can access reports with the click of a button to modify and adjust instruction to meet the student needs. The options are endless when you use GradeMaster for your reporting.


The more evidence the better correct? In GradeMaster's mind this is true. The more evidence of mastery you have for each learning target or standard allows educators and parents to gather the feedback you have long desired in order for students to reach mastery.

Work Habits

In GradeMaster classroom work habits are not factored into a student's academic grade. Instead, classroom work habits serve as another form of communication for parents and students alike. This allows an educator to truly assess a student based on the specific learning target (their knowledge of the material) as opposed to if they turn in the assignment in on time.

Special Education

GradeMaster allows administrations or case managers to easily import student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Individualized Health Plan (IHP), 504 Plan, or Behavioral Plan.

Administrators can develop their IEP, 504, IHP, or Behavioral Plans online and share them in real-time. Save time, paper, and frustration by having this all stored in one place.

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Grademaster Gradebook
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School/District GradeMaster Edition Suite Yearly Subscription- 12 months

GradeMaster understands that budgets are very tight when it comes to school funding. That is why GradeMaster will provide superior service that is easy on a District’s budget.

Are you an administrator or school district looking for a new gradebook and Student Information Systems? Take a look at what you will receive with the powerful GradeMaster.

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