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ASCD Empower ’18 A HUGE Success

As I sit here waiting to board my airplane back to Chicago, I am reflecting on how this ASCD Conference in Boston went. From day one, I was amazed at how many educators, administrators, school personnel, and vendors were in one area to do one thing Empower our students. As I was standing at booth 1639 I would hear great conversations about how well they loved the keynote speakers. Starting with Dr. Jill Biden and concluding with Ret. Col. Colin Powell the lineup of presentations and speakers were truly eye opening.

So the question I ask, why do so many educators attend this conference year after year? The answer is so that we as educators can open our student's minds in order for those students to succeed. So how can that be done? Schools these days need to be data driven in order to see the achievement of their students. Letter grades aren't enough these days, as educators walked by I kept asking them, "how do you know if your students are learning?" Many just shrugged their shoulders. I said to them you have the data in front of you or at least you should, now we just need to do something with that data. That is the hard question that we seem to forget. We are so driven to get data that we are just on step one. Step two is now providing action for that data. When I spoke to other vendors they asked me about that next step after data collection. I responded to them that GradeMaster has partnered with SmartEdTech to bring the data and action full circle.

SmartEdTech has brought that by providing an individualized learning environment. There are close to a million apps out on the market these days and educators don't have time to look through each one that best fits EACH student. GradeMaster now has the ability to help teachers push out specific apps for specific learning standards in order for their students' to learn. When I shared this with teachers and administrators they were thrilled about this amazing benefit to the GradeMaster platform.

My time here in Boston is running out as the first call for boarding has begun. See you back in Chicago. Ben