Here at GradeMaster we have been very busy over the last few weeks trying to implement new features to save teacher's time and to increase student performance. We have heard from our customers who have provided us with a wealth of information that would make it even easier for the users of GradeMaster. Now is the time to properly show off our hard work. Think of it as show and tell for GradeMaster.

The first thing that we have done is implement the Google Translation API into the system. This allows users to read the webpage and their portal in their native language. It is pointless to have a portal designed for parents and students that is in English if that is not their native language. That is why it was critical for GradeMaster to have this incorporated into the system.

Another great feature that allows for teachers to maximize their time is the ability to copy assignments from one class to another. Instead of typing in the assignment into each class a teacher just needs to do it once and then click on the copy sign to copy it. That's it!! It can't be an easier than that.

Transfer Students
Ever had a student transfer into your class at the end of the quarter, semester, trimester? GradeMaster makes it even easier with a course transfer option. Just choose the current class, student, and then the class they are moving to and Bam, an easy transfer. To make this clear this can only be done at the end of a grading term and not while one is in session. The reason for that is because not every teacher has the same exact assignments at the same exact time, therefore the grades would not be able to sync properly. Therefore only final grades from that previous class can be transferred over.

Now you have all of the student's final grades you need a convenient way to display all of them on a single page. That is where GradeMaster's transcript comes into play. With the simple click of a button look at a student's transcript with GPA, courses, and grades. This can be easily printed out and signed to make them official for colleges or just for your records.

And just when you thought that the GradeMaster team was finished with their updates for the month we have a few more. Teacher's can now create a discipline report inside the GradeMaster system. An easy discipline report will not take long to complete as we know teachers have other things to do besides writing up students for poor behavior. Your admin can then receive the behavior logs so that you can have a paper trail (or shall we say electronic trail) of a student's behavior.

So you might ask well what does GradeMaster have up their sleeves for upcoming releases? Well, GradeMaster plans on working with Schoology to integrate an LMS platform for those that are currently using Schoology. GradeMaster will be overhauling the entire IEP system to create an even better system. Expect to see a more robust IEP portal with all of the features you currently have. Further down the road GradeMaster will be working on adding an online school registration system to easily enroll students from start to finish. Along with this, GradeMaster is looking to add the cafeteria management piece so you truly have an all in one experience at your fingertips. Finally, GradeMaster has two more items that we are working on; the ability to create family teacher conferences and an assessment center.

As you can see we have been very busy and continue to roll out more features that enhance the user experience every couple of weeks. So did we miss anything? We would love to hear from you on what YOU want in your grading system.