Ever wondered what the longstanding obsession with letter grades, points, and percentages is doing to the student’s thirst for knowledge, which was once at the heart of educational institution?

You understand how inflated averages can affect reporting of a student’s comprehension levels and hamper achievement. Of course, you realize the potential of competency-based grading to create a classroom with a focus on true learning and effective feedback, but often wonder about the way forward in this direction.

Well, since you understand the potential of standards-based grading, you are just a step away from keeping things in order, from implementing new ideas to grading papers, scheduling reassessments, and monitoring individual performance, without being overwhelmed with the amount of work involved.

No, you do not need to scratch your head to find a fix to your problems. Whether you are looking for a new student information system or an online gradebook, GradeMaster is your magic wand!

Designed with a focus on standards-based grading, GradeMaster provides you with an easy-to-use platform to clearly engage with students and communicate with parents regarding each individual’s understanding of each concept. This school budget-friendly tool promises to help you create, inspire, and propel while making students life-long learners.

Doesn’t that sound great to the ears?

Changing Student Focus From Earning A Grade To Understanding The Process of Learning
Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive GradeMaster, students no longer need to hide behind inflated averages and other academic criteria as performance assessment benchmarks. The interactive, fast, and reliable tool seamlessly measures students on the proficiency of their content standards, helping educators identify those students that require individual attention to demonstrate proficiency.

Creating a classroom focused on true learning, clear communication, and effective feedback wasn’t that easy ever? Was it?

True, with an online gradebook like GradeMaster, tutors can effectively manage the classroom, guide students struggling in certain areas, and motivating them toward the mastery of a specific learning goal.

Get Set ‘n Go
Using GradeMaster is as easy as using any online gradebook on an Internet-connected device – just get set ‘n go! Navigation from screen-to-screen is a breeze with this intuitive tool, making it easier for you to get the most out of the comprehensive data. Generating a report card is quick and easy, and uploading comments or standards is just smooth sailing.

Options Are Endless ‘n Satisfaction Guaranteed
A click of a button is all you need to access reports and adjust and modify instructions according to each student’s needs. The options are endless when you use GradeMaster for reporting.

With a focus on improving the learning experience, standards-based grading is the new benchmark in student learning. Bonus points do not find a place here!

Focus on student’s ability to demonstrate proficiency in a specific standard and you can help them improve their grade. Isn’t it easy?

What Are You Waiting For?
Get a real-time view and insight into each student’s performance in mastering a specific standard, allowing you to classify each student on the basis of their need for remediation or enrichment.

Featuring the innovative IEP Wizard, GradeBook enables case managers and administrators to create Individualized Education Plans, 504 plan, Individualized Health Plan and Behavioral Plan within the platform. Sharing these plans in real time is quick and hassle free.

So what are you waiting for?
GradeMaster gives you reasons enough to make this tool your go-to affordable source for online grading! Use it as a traditional gradebook or transform it into a Standards Based Gradebook seamlessly!

With my best wishes!
Ben Leven