So how do you keep students motivated when the end of the school year is clearly in sight? This is one of the biggest questions teachers face each year in this profession. For high school, it seems that right after spring break the students begin checking out and therefore creates frustration for teachers. Whereas in the elementary and middle school students tend to check out in the mid-end of April.

So what is a teacher to do when students are not focused on school anymore? I personally think this is when the teachers have to dig into their teacher's toolbelt and pull out the best possible lessons. Maybe teachers take the lesson outside or allow for some movement breaks during class. During this time we also see student behavior starting to get off track. Referrals to the office or the dean become more prominent and it seems that well school is just not important to students anymore.

While many of us look forward to the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, it seems that the teachers job of classroom management is the main lesson. This focus on classroom management can pose serious risks for teachers as they too become burnt out and checked out just as much as the students.

Many educators around the country including myself are interested in what teachers do to keep the attention of students during the last few weeks of school. Please comment on tips on how to keep students learning and mastering specific standards each day. I would love to hear what you have to say.