GradeMaster has listened to all the feedback and requests from educators and parents and has been hard at work making some much needed improvements to its program. These new enhancements will help make the life of an educator a bit more efficient, while also providing all parties – administrators, other educators, parents, and students with more information that is at their fingertips. By doing this, these features will have a positive impact inside and outside classroom.

Some of the new impressive features that GradeMaster is rolling out will help make it easy to navigate new data, along with accessing documents that need to be attached to a student file. Educators will be excited to use the new features since they make things more quick and efficient and time is always a concern when you have lots to do in the education world.

One of the new features is a hybrid platform. This platform allows for traditional grading such as using percentages and letter grades to be done alongside of standards based grading, where assessing a student is done by focusing on their specific skills. Both of these forms of assessment can be done on the same page, you wouldn’t need to create different ones.

Another great feature is that when a teacher wants to create an assignment for one class, they can easily copy that assignment with a click of a button to the other classes who are receiving the same assignment. This saves the teacher time in having to input all the information again.

With these new upgrades, teachers can also see an entire view of each student’s current academic situation. It also allows for parents and students to quickly and effectively see the results of their work. Moreover, an educator can also use this technology to share perceptions they have of the students with the parents and administrators if needed. Parents can also sign up for conference times on the conference schedule.

GradeMaster is now Ed-Fi Powered which has great impacts on the classroom. This function allows for teachers to group students together who will likely have more success as partners. You can quickly add in new students if someone transfers into your class. Additionally, you can easily create a seating chart for each class by clicking on a student’s name from the list and then on their “desk.” Furthermore, you can select lessons that students will be fully engaged with during instruction. Outside the classroom, you can use these new features to deliver action plans for students to other educators who may teacher the student, counselors, administrators, and even the parents – this way everyone is on the same page.

On the horizon, GradeMaster plans to create a feature that will allow it to integrate with other programs. By doing this, it will easily be able to communicate and share data with the other program. It would be compatible with common Student Information Systems (SIS), which will already contain their demographics, medical, contacts, etc. Thus by doing this, all information will be found in one system.