How do you get the quietest student in class to participate in their learning? There are some Rules For Engagement that teachers can follow to foster class participation for all students. Rules For Engagement is not some Tom Clancy, military style book that all educators should read. Rules For Engagement allows educators tools to allow great class discussions, excellent class management strategies, and allows for those students who just want to sit back and not say anything in class to actively participate.

Educators have known for many decades that lecturing to students is not the most meaningful way to educate our youth. Students must be able to participate in order to retain the information that they are learning each day in our schools. Here are a few solutions that I have heard over the years to this participation problem.

1. A white board for answers- Have students write down the answers before they show you and the class.

2. Use a catch ball that has questions on it or maybe a balloon. This is quick and easy and takes very little effort on the teacher’s side.

3. Offer prizes, maybe stickers for correct answers. I would stay away from candy as the sugar could make things worse for you.

4. Buzzer system- Use a buzzer system or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) that questions can be added and each student has to answer.

5. Talk to their partner- If you group students at tables or even rows have them share out with their partners.

Not one solution will work for everyone and in fact maybe none of these will work for your class. The thought is this list will give you some ideas on how to let your classroom become an interactive classroom with equal participation.Did we miss anything?

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