While walking through some of my favorite stores this past weekend I noticed one big thing; school supplies are out. This can mean only one thing, school is ready to start. For many of us we want to savor the days of freedom we have left before heading back into the classroom. Others might still have a quick vacation to get to until we step back into school and teach our youth. For many educators summertime is the time to load up on professional development so that we can bring it back to our students. The big buzz these days continues to be bringing new tech into the classroom and escape classrooms.

Buzz among VR seems to be the hottest thing going into this school year. Schools and teachers are gearing their classrooms to fully immerse their students in content using Virtual Reality. This can really generate enthusiasm with students which can carry over in how students perform. There are many great applications or places teachers can go to get into the VR experience. I really like Google Expeditions as my top choice for VR exploration. There are many "fieldtrips" to choose from and it is very easy to use.

Escape rooms, I am sure you have heard of them whether they are the one's for us adults or a tamed down version for the students. These are great for problem solving, team building, excitement enhancement, and well just a change of pace. These escape rooms do take time to design and setup and that is why many teachers are reluctant to try these. In the end, your students will love the experience and the rush they feel trying to chase after the next clue. I encourage you to start off small to get your feet wet and then you can build upon from this experience. Please comment and post pictures of your most famous classroom escape rooms. U