Do you ever wonder what the student and/or parent sees when they log in to the gradebook program you are using as a teacher? Have you ever been able to explore the differences in versions? This blog has given you a virtual tour of GradeMaster through the eyes of an administrator and a teacher…now it’s time to see what the program looks like to your audience, students and parents.

Let’s get this party started with a look at the Student “Dashboard”. As you can see, the “Dashboard” displays the progress of the student front and center. The Standards-Based grades can be seen to the right of each assignment. You will also notice a red bar, which is an overall indicator of student proficiency in any given standard. The “Dashboard” also lists important grading period information, along with a school event calendar along the bottom. To the left, students can also view any upcoming events the teacher posts to the class.

The “Activities/Assignments” feature allows students/parents to keep track of assignments and the dates they are due.

You can even click on “View” to see more information about the assignment, including the Standard(s) you have selected:

The “Student Schedule” function allows your students/parents to view the Course Name, Subject, Room, Teacher’s Name, Start Time, End Time, and Special Subjects. It is a nice, comprehensive view of a student’s schedule.

The “Messages” function allows the student/parent to message the teacher, and keep track of all correspondence in an organized fashion.

The “Parent/Teacher Conference Signup” allows the parent or guardian to schedule a conference from within the account by using a code classroom teachers generate. It is a comprehensive service that takes the worry out of parent teacher conference communication.

We are excited to announce that our app will be available August 15!! All of the amazing amenities and features we offer will now be conveniently available at your fingertips.

While you’re waiting for next week’s blog, don’t forget to click here to sign up for your free 30 day trial of GradeMaster.