Do you like change? No, I am not talking about the shiny coins that we find in the cup console of our car. I am talking about the change that happens in education. As teachers, we find ourselves constantly trying to figure out new ways for our students to learn. This might be a new app, or new website, maybe even a new textbook. And with this change comes anxiety from our students, teachers, parents, and admin.

Humans do not like change. We have been programmed to do one thing and stay with it even if we don't like it or it doesn't work. Think about your car insurance. How often do you change that? You know you can get a better rate somewhere else, but you are content with the basic service. The same thing applies to teachers and new curriculums, gradebooks, programs, IEP/504, and initiatives.

Teachers have so much anxiety when administrators decide to switch to something new and therefore have a hard time buying into the new program. That negativity then rubs off on other teachers and will then make its way to the students. Look, I understand that our profession constantly evolves whether at a district, state, or federal level. The goal is to take small steps when change is about to happen. this can include professional development, constant communication, and just patience. GradeMaster can help with some of this change by providing world class support to help teachers and admin import rosters, setup their online gradebook, and more. Don't let change hold you back from providing your stents real-time data on how they are progressing.