Our team loves to blog and write about the best practices in K-12 education. This can range from technology to grading practices to who knows what we want to write about.We have added white papers that are free to further dive into educational practices.

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Grading Woes: Traditional or Standards-Based?

January 11, 2019

The term ‘Standards-Based Grading’ (SBG) is one that has recently swept into the educational system, but what does it actually mean? How does it differ from Traditional Grading? This innovation focuses on increasing student achievement and learning through measuring specific levels of mastery.

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GradeMaster LLC

GradeMaster Partners with SmartEdTech to Help Teachers Bridge the Gap Between Assessment Data and Instruction

March 22, 2018

Standards-based assessments and grading provide a rich array of detailed information about a student’s academic progress. Yet, research shows that teachers often struggle when translating evidence about student learning into subsequent instructional steps. To help teachers quickly and easily access aligned instructional content to move student learning forward, GradeMaster will integrate SmartEdTech® mobile learning technologies with its online standards-based grading platform.

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