I am hoping many of you are enjoying your summer vacation right now. Some of you might be teaching summer school, writing curriculum, or maybe working one or more jobs, but what ever it is I am hoping you are having fun doing it.

As I am writing this the Supreme Court is deciding the fate of public unions. This has a profound impact on teachers unions across the country with a lot at stake. In case you are unaware or do not have a teacher's union the case Janus vs AFSCME is about the fair share dues that people pay if they do not want to join the union. For those that do not wish to participate in their union they would pay a fair share fee. Janus believes this is unconstitutional due to the fact that he feels the money that is paid goes towards lobbyist and political organizations therefore going against his First Amendment Rights. If the Supreme Court sides with Janus this will be a huge blow to our unions further weakening them even more. If this is the case, salaries could and will go down, protections against unruly students would go away, and essentially teacher's rights are stripped.

As educators we are already looked down here in America. We are constantly based by the US Department of Education, parents, lawmakers, and our students. We unfortunately see school violence on the rise in America with no end in sight. We are told that teachers should carry guns in our classroom and this will solve our violence problem. In addition, we cut funding for mental health services here in the US further limiting our prevention on depression and any other mental health issues.

There is only so much a teacher can do as we are keeping track of grades, attendance, curriculum, and the overall safety of a child. Does that mean we need more resources to teach SEL (Social, Emotional Learning)? Is this already embedded in your curriculum? I am interested how can GradeMaster be of assistance in helping teachers and administrators in this area? Please reach out and let us know as we want to help you.