So it seems like we have rounded the corner and can see the finish line (end of the school year) in sight. With that being said, how do we continue to motivate our students to perform well? The question really comes out when a school or district is using Standards Based Grading practices.

1. Separate out the learning standards from the work habit standards. These ideally are two different things and need to be sorted out differently. How about giving out a grade for the subject matter and a grade for the way that students get there. Maybe the student knows the material already therefore does not do the homework. If that is the case I would assign one grade for the learning target (Mastery) and then one for the way the student got there (Beginning Mastery).

2. Celebrate the success of students. Just like teachers enjoy praise on a job well done our students would like the same. This might be the only motivation they need in order to finish the school year.

3. Really reach out to the students. Do you really know your students? I mean really know? Are they struggling at home, is there a cultural issue, financial issue? By spending just a few minutes each day getting to know you students can increase their motivation near the end. This can happen at any time during the school year it does not have to be at the beginning of the school year or semester.

4. Anyone else know of other ideas? I am just as curious as well.