GradeMaster for Individual Teachers

We are proud to announce that GradeMaster now has an individual teacher option.  We have been working hard the past several months to allow individual teachers access to the most robust online gradebook on the market.  So, you ask what does this mean for me?  Well, for starters if your school does not have a current online grade and you are having to write down your grades on paper, in Excel, or some other method, you can sign up and have all of your grades entered into GradeMaster.

GradeMaster can save you time, seriously.  We know educators are working feverishly around the clock in order to provide their students the best possible lessons each day.  Typically, teachers can assess their students, gather data, and make data driven decisions.  This past year is slightly different as well COVID put education on a whirlwind.  Some teachers are teaching remotely, some are in person, and some are hybrid.  This pandemic is making everyone’s head spin!!  Due to the pandemic students are not making any gains in their learning.  In fact, many students across the United States are falling behind.  Teachers are now responsible for trying to determine what the students are deficient in and intervene in a more challenging education environment.  This is where GradeMaster can help out.

GradeMaster provides real-time data to teachers, students, parents, and administrators.  Data that can show a student’s academic performance, attendance, and behavior.  GradeMaster’s individual teachers account provides many benefits that the school account offers.  These benefits include the time saving task of calculating grades, tracking class attendance, tracking behavior in the classroom, intuitive charts tracking academic performance, seating charts, progress reports and more.

GradeMaster offers two different types of plans.  The basic individual plan includes the teacher’s classes, a gradebook, progress report graphs, and a calendar.  This plan is normally valued at over $100 per school year.  Since we know how hard all teachers are working we are making this plan FREE forever, NO expiration dates.    We also have our premium plan which provides extra benefits such as report card printing, eligibility tracker, attendance reporting, seating charts and a messaging platform.  This plan normal sells for $125 per school year but GradeMaster is offering this premium plan at just $34.95 per school year.

So how can you pass up on such a great offer.  Signup today and see why teachers are raving about GradeMaster.