We are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached in principle to launch the self-funded GradeMaster/KICKS (“Kids In Class Know Success”) Program.

  1. Under our proposal, this unique initiative would place mentors comprised of present and former NFL’ers into high schools around the country and provide them access to individual students and their attendance data through the multifunctional software system GradeMaster (https://www.capterra.com/p/167906/GradeMaster) in an effort to encourage those students at risk of dropping out to stay in school and graduate.
  2. GradeMaster, based in Buffalo Grove, IL (p: 847-651-0972), has also recently been exploring the idea of expanding their product functionality to help steer high schoolers from subscribing school districts into a wide range of college-and-career-ready Internships through Chegg (www.internships.com). Their internship listings are extensive and contain a wide spectrum of current offerings from companies in metropolitan areas around the country.

Our goal is to canvass my over-28,400 LinkedIn education contacts in order to gauge their interest in meeting head-on the corrosive issue of student absenteeism, whose staggering societal impact is reflected in data from this sample of articles:

Both I and Mr. Ben Leven, Founder and CEO of GradeMaster (and a fellow educator), believe that past and present NFL’ers would be able to provide an incredible presence and dimension to our program.

Most importantly, please also know that we are not soliciting funding of any sort for participation; quite the contrary, the financials of our self-funded partnership are constructed in such a way that a portion of the revenues generated between GradeMaster and any school district subscribing to the GradeMaster software service would be directed back to a charity or foundation of the NFL team’s choosing before players begin their mentorships.