As we begin the 2019 year GradeMaster has some exciting news to share. We will be having free webinars for the next several months on topics that might be of interest to you. Yes we will be showing off some of our greatest features while we are at, but we will respect your precious time. All webinars will start at 1pm CST and will last 15 minutes. Can't make the webinar, you can view the recording at a later time. These will be posted on the GradeMaster webpage.

1/23- Brief demo of the admin, teacher, and parent portals and how they work together.

2/13- New 2019 feature highlights

3/6- Creating Assignments/Activities and Progress Reports and Report Cards

3/27- Getting started with GradeMaster- cost, transferring data and initial set up and turnaround time etc.

If you would like to signup please go to this link.

We hope to have you view a webinar in the next few months.