As of May 31st the wait is almost over for the newly redesigned GradeMaster platform. Over the past several months the GradeMaster team has been working tirelessly on making improvements to the system that you as educators and administrators have asked for. We are just about ready to unveil the faster, sleeker, more upscale version to you. Go ahead take a sneak peek, I won't tell.

To start things off, GradeMaster has a brand new user interface. This new design is easy to read and WCAG 2.0 compliant. In addition, you will notice a faster speed at which you can access your links. This was accomplished by modifying our current database.

Under the admin page you will notice a significant upgrade. The school setup tabs are easy to navigate and take little computer knowledge to use. Those that are using GradeMaster for Standards Based Grading will notice that the Common Core Standards are still uploaded into the system but are easily searchable by grade. As always you can upload your standards to the system with ease.

Those using Google can have their Google Calendar sync in with GradeMaster. We are currently working on the ability to sign into GradeMaster via Google. Stay tuned for more on this development.

On the teacher side we cleaned up many of the features to make it easy and fast for teachers. Who wants to spend all of their time with a clunky grade program, teachers should be focused on their curriculum and students, not on their reporting system.

Teachers now have the ability to assess students in a variety of ways. A teacher could use traditional grading, letter grades, standards based grading, and a hybrid of traditional and standards based. Inside of this teachers can choose if they want to use the highest grade, the most recent grade, weighted average, and decaying average. this is a significant change to the system that allows flexibility for teachers to assess their students.

Finally, we have been able to integrate SmartEdTech's amazing intervention piece with GradeMaster. With SmartEdTech a teacher can assign a specific app to a student or students that need additional help. This app is then viewed in the student portal for students to work on their skills. There is no need to add apps to their devices. Do you have an app you already use in class, no worries just let us know and we will upload it to the system for you.