Welcome back GradeMaster fans! I have so much to share with you all today. First, we are so excited to announce that our app will be available August 15!! All of the amazing amenities and features we offer will now be available at your fingertips. And if you haven’t done so already, click here to sign up for your free 30 day trial of GradeMaster.

Let’s explore GradeMaster from the perspective of a Teacher account. We will begin with a sneak peek of the Teacher Dashboard. The “Dashboard” displays any activities that need to be graded, or are incomplete, front and center when you first log in. The “Dashboard” also allows access to all of the other functions we will be exploring today. Here’s a pic of the Teacher Dashboard:

From the “Dashboard” teachers can access the “My Classes” tab. In “My Classes” teachers can view class schedules, view room numbers, and even easily add students to classes.

When you select “Click for more info” from the “My Classes” screen, you will also get a comprehensive class list as shown below. This list can be exported to a PDF and printed off for your records. The teacher can also click on “Student Info” to get more information on the student.

Our “Seating Chart” feature is one of the most comprehensive gradebook seating charts I have ever used. It’s so easy to add students, insert a photo of your students (which is an excellent way to learn names in the beginning of the school year), and generate a PDF reports with this function. All you have to do to begin creating your “Seating Chart” is select your class, then select the students, and place them in the order you want. It’s easy to “Add seats” too when you have new students added to your rosters. I added a few new seats below to show you just how easy it is.

Taking “Attendance” will never be a hard task again! It’s so easy to take attendance and print attendance reports with GradeMaster. All you have to do is select your class, enter attendance, and submit. That’s it. You can even enter notes regarding a student’s attendance for a particular date.

The “Standards” tab allows teachers to browse, import, and add standards for students to be graded on. These standards can be linked to activities/assignments, which I will demonstrate in the next tab.

The “Activities/Assignments” tab allows the teacher to add activities/assignments and link them to the “Standards” they added in the above “Standards” tab. The comprehensive color coding system allows you to easily monitor student proficiency within that standard. From this screen, you can edit using the pencil icon, delete using the trash icon, decide to add a score into your grade calculations (or not) using the check mark icon, and  print a comprehensive, easy to use rubric using the R. The rubric (also pictured below) has editable fields, and you can export it to print out too. Amazing!!

Generate easy to read and comprehensive reports with the “Generate Reports” function. You can view/print reports based on student activities/assignments, print blank grading sheets, view/print missing assignment reports, and print class/individual progress reports.

Using the “Report Card” tab, teachers can view and export report cards for each student. These report cards could be used to send home to parents for weekly, quarterly, semester grade reports.

The “Manage My Events” tab allows teachers to schedule and manage events all in one comprehensive location. The teacher can even choose to hide the tab from students and parents, which gives them the ability to add personal reminder notes as well.

The “Messages” tab allows the teacher to easily send messages to other teachers, parents, and/or students. Teachers can even upload attachments to send to the recipients as well. The “Archive” function allows teachers to move and file important messages from their inbox.

The “Teacher’s Toolbox” is a tool that allows GradeMaster to integrate with three amazing educational programs: ClassDojo, Remind, and Volunteer Signup. Once teachers log in to their respective accounts, the two accounts will be integrated and be able to work with one another to send reports…and serve other various functions.

Last, but certainly not least, is the “Parent Teacher Conference Signup” tab. From here, teachers can create accounts, login, and check the schedule for upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences. Parents can also use this function to log in and schedule a conference with a teacher. It’s an amazing tool integrated into our program.

This program is so comprehensive and easy to use. As you can see with your own eyes, it provides all of the tools you need to run a successful classroom, and supports the ability to monitor student progress and intervene when necessary.

And….Don’t forget that our newest, and most impressive feature yet, the GradeMaster iOS/Android App will be available August 15!! You can have all of the convenience of the GradeMaster program with the touch of a finger…on your mobile device(s)!!

Check us out today…what are you waiting for? Your free 30-day trial is waiting for you!!