Welcome to the GradeMaster IEP/IHP/504 Portal virtual tour!! With all of our cool new tools, it’s easy to see why everyone is signing up for an account and checking out our FREE 30 day trial. Be sure to stay tuned at the end of the blog for a brand NEW feature announcement too!!

Let’s get this tour started…When you first log in to your GradeMaster account, you will see your comprehensive “Dashboard”, complete with an IEP/504/IHP Portal, which looks like this:

Now you can see first-hand what the GradeMaster rage is all about. The Dashboard keeps track of each session you log, which provides evidence that you have been working hard on those IEP/504/IHP’s!! The Dashboard also allows the user to fulfill several different functions like: viewing your “User Permissions List”, allowing you to browse your folder for “active” documents, and preview any document on file of your choice. Next is the Import Document screen:

From the “Import Document” screen, you can do so much more than just import documents, you can also create your own document/plan from scratch…all you have to do is “Select Document Type” and you will be ready to create away. You can see just how easy it is to use this magnificent standards-based gradebook! Next up…”Discuss”:

In the above screenshot, you can see the “Discuss” portion of the IEP/504/IHP Portal. This function allows the user to first “Choose Document to Discuss”, and then create a “Discussion Topic”. You can add those staff members relative to the document you are previewing by selecting from the list, or choosing “SelectAll”, or…

You may also invite members via email, as you can see above. Once you have chosen your document, created your discussion topic, selected/emailed your invitees, you are free to “Create Discussion”.

Which leads us to our next screen…Invites/Discussions. As you can see in the pic above, I created a “Document Discussion” for the student John Steam. My “Topic” is IHP Team Review. You can view the document to site specific text or examples in the “Document Preview” section.

From here, I can post messages and begin corresponding with my team. Anyone I invited to this “Discussion” can take part in posting messages relative to the topic.

This program is so comprehensive…and easy to use. As you can see with your own eyes, it provides all of the evidence you need as a teacher or administrator to stay on top of the plans our students need to ensure they receive the best education possible.

And….(drumroll please) we are so excited to announce our newest, and most impressive feature yet…the GradeMaster iOS/Android App!!!!! In mid-July you can have all of the convenience of the GradeMaster program with the touch of a finger…on your mobile device(s)!!

Check us out today…what are you waiting for?